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Women Empowered and Free: Vision Challenge
Identity, Purpose & Life TRANSFORMATION
Clarify Your VISION.  Reclaim Your CONFIDENCE.  Have a Success Plan to Transform Your Life in 2021!
 Live with VITALITY, Passion, Purpose and JOY!

Learn from a leading Australian life coach and counsellor, pioneering a unique platform to:
Uncover Your Authentic IDENTITY
• Get in Touch with Your PURPOSE

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Live Challenge Starts January 20th!

 * Time Sensitive: Our 5-Day LIVE and Highly-Interactive Challenge Will Clarify God's Vision For Your Life, Help You Create Your Success Plan, & Get Into Action, FAST. We Start January 20th!

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Live with Passion, Purpose and Joy!
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G'day Lovely!
If you’re reading this right now, feeling stuck and ready for change, you're in the right place and you're not alone! 

I believe God has created you with a unique identity, gifts and a purpose - a message or service that others out there need. 
I have a vision to build an international community of empowered and free women, that impacts millions of lives all over the world and supports initiatives to set women and girls free everywhere!
The outcome of our upcoming Women Empowered and Free Challenge is to:

Reclaim Your Authentic Identity & Confidence

Clarify Your Vision for Your Life & Form a Success Plan

Start Your Transformational Journey to Create the Life You Desire in 2021

      So that you you're living with Vitality, Passion, Purpose and JOY!
Imagine you have a clear vision, you know what you want and have a plan to achieve it!

Imagine having unstoppable confidence, feeling filled with hope and excitement about your future and feeling FREE...enjoying the now and knowing you are creating the vision you have for your life! 

Imagine the joy and peace you would experience and how this would flow through you to impact all of those around you.

When you are living this way as your authentic self you were created to be, that is what I call Women Empowered and Free.

Many women find themselves feeling stuck and lost, lacking clarity in their vision and unsure how to move forward, but knowing deep down that their not living their true vision for their life as they're lacking passion, purpose and/or joy. They may be stuck in a job they don't enjoy, have been through relationship struggles or have experienced devastating loss.

There are a lot of “Gurus” online…
But only a few coaches have the heart, training, qualifications, and success stories that I’ve accumulated over the years. 
I specialise in helping women like you with identity, purpose and life transformation, to live empowered, confident and free, 

through my unique combination of life coaching and counselling that is deep and powerful,

to help you transform your life efficiently! Working with me can see you achieving your goals faster, to step into your calling or vocation, improve your relationships, transform your lifestyle for optimal health and balance, and more!
So now it’s your turn to create a success story with me. The big question is…
Are You Up For The Challenge?
This will not be easy, and it’s not for everyone.
This is for...Driven Women who are ready to Transform their Life into one of Passion, Purpose and Joy!
Women who have a burning desire to be who God has created them to be, reclaim their authentic identity and step into God's vision and calling for them. 

AND women on a mission to impact the world and use their gifts to help others.

If you're ready to take action and step onto the pathway to successfully increasing your vitality, passion, purpose, income, time, and happiness, NOW is the time to join me and the vibrant community of...

Women Empowered and Free! 
This is the first time my Women Empowered and Free Challenge coaching program is being delivered 100% for free.
You don’t have to do it alone anymore…
Let’s finish this challenge and be Empowered, Confident and Free together!
Tracie Ovens

Women Empowered and Free!
Tracie Anne Inspirational Coaching
“Tracie is light personified and her passion to help others is boundless. I have found the specific guidance I have needed to not only empower and enrich my life but to do so from a place of love and authenticity. I highly recommend Tracie.” - Ally, Consultant, Port Fairy, Australia
I have found the specific guidance I have needed to not only empower and enrich my life but to do so from a place of love and authenticity. I highly recommend Tracie.” - Ally, Consultant, Port Fairy, Australia
My 5-day live virtual coaching will help ensure that you...
Achieve Your Goals
Top 5 Things To Discover:
  • Inspirational Success Formula™ Proven to get predictable results, now
  • Go From Stuck To Excited and experience unstoppable momentum
  • Obliterate Blocks to finally achieve your goals
  • Clarify Your Vision and Purpose & take action with ease
  • Transform Your Life in 2021 and begin anew, living inspired & intentionally
*First Come, First Served*
* Limited Space on Zoom!
What Makes The Challenge So Impactful?
  •  The Challenge: uncover your authentic identity, get in touch with your purpose and create a specific vision for your life for 2021, with a physical vision board and audio that you can strategically use throughout the year
  • Interactive Experience: do the work during the 5-day live coaching so that you're living INSPIRED and INTENTIONALLY!
  • Proven Steps to Transform Your Life:  Learn how to design your personal and professional life, overcome blocks and begin ANEW
  • Hands On Coaching: Tracie, a certified NLP Coach, will help you succeed
  • Live Your Life with Purpose, Passion and Joy: Be who God created you to be and step into your CALLING!
The Women Empowered and Free Challenge can help...
Breakthrough What’s Holding You Back!
Get Ready to Experience and Gain:
  • Powerful Visualization Techniques: To operate in a “peak performance” state, maintain a clear vision for your personal & professional life, and continue striving towards your goals & creating the life you desire
  • Inspirational Success Formula™: The proven process to transform your life from feeling lost and stuck, to excited and thriving, with #1 Breakthrough
  • Community + Accountability: You’ll be a part of our “Women Empowered and Free” Movement
  • Success Roadmap: Taking action is easy when you have a roadmap to follow
*First Come, First Served*
* Limited Space on Zoom!
My Inspirational Success Formula™ will 
help clarify God's vision for your life and 
propel you forward.
It will also expose limiting beliefs that have been hiding in your blind spots.

I’ll teach how to reframe & breakthrough limiting beliefs to unleash your greatest potential.

Decide today to join high level thinking Women Empowered and Free... ANYTHING is possible and ANY dream or goal is attainable!
Meet Australia's Top Life & Success Coach
A Life Coach, Counsellor, Teacher and Motivational Speaker. 

As the founder and CEO of Women Empowered and Free, and Tracie Anne Inspirational Coaching, Tracie's mission is to help women reclaim their authentic identity and confidence, transform their personal and professional lives, and step into their calling, to live with purpose, passion and joy! 

With an international background in teaching, NLP & Time Line Therapy Coaching and Postgraduate Pastoral Counselling, Tracie has skilfully combined her coaching, counselling and teaching expertise to develop unique courses and programs that help women transform their lives and reach their potential, creating success stories and ripple effects to help countless others. 
Women Empowered and Free
Women Empowered and Free Founder
Women Empowered and Free: Vision Challenge
Women Free and Empowered Challenge Package
"The Success System!"
5 Day Virtual Coaching Package
NOW 100% FREE!!
I'll teach you my step-by-step process in our 30 minute coaching sessions, that enables people to fast-track transformation and increase vitality, income, time and happiness.

My mission is getting you results and creating success stories, so we do it live… together! 

Here's What  You're Getting Today...
  • 5 LIVE VIRTUAL COACHING SESSIONS WITH TRACIE ($700 value):  Learn the exact system used to rediscover your identity, clarify God's vision for you, reclaim your confidence & begin anew; designing the life you desire with a map to shortcut the path to success in your personal and professional life.
  • PDF ACTION BOOK  ($50.00 value): Simple daily action steps without overwhelm. These help to ensure that we're on the path to increasing vitality, income, time, and happiness, and you can refer back to your success roadmap. 
  • ACCESS TO ALL RECORDINGS ($250.00 value):  This way you can get access to the training each day no matter what time zone you're in.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO WOMEN EMPOWERED AND FREE COMMUNITY  ($500.00 value): This is a 5-day challenge, but a lifelong community. Discover new friends and business relationships. Be part of our Women Empowered and Free Family. Surrounding ourselves with an inspirational and supportive community of like-minded women is priceless and provides the accountability to ensure success.
This entire system is normally $497.00 (and worth every penny). But, because you're on this page today and ready to take action...

Your special price is NOW FREE!
*First Come, First Served*
* Limited Space on Zoom!

Live "Zoom" Coaching Call Schedule
30 Minute Sessions + Q&A
***Replays Available***

Wednesday January 20th at 7:00 pm PST
Friday January 22nd at 7:00 pm PST
Monday January 25th at 7:00 pm PST
• Wednesday January 27th at 7:00 pm PST
• Friday January 29th at 7:00 pm PST

• Thursday January 21st at 2:00 pm AEST
• Saturday January 23rd at 2:00 pm AEST
• Tuesday January 26th at 2:00 pm AEST
• Thursday January 28th at 2:00 pm AEST
• Saturday January 30th at 2:00 pm AEST

    Attend Live Sessions & Enter to Win Awesome Prizes

    Women Empowered and Free Challenge Prizes
    • ​$200 Voucher for Women Empowered and Free Courses
    • $50 Voucher for Amazon
    • Inspirational Journal "It's Your Life, Everything Is Possible"

    If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years it’s...HOW TO GET RESULTS. 

    I have a high completion rate on my Challenges because I make them super interactive & fun.  

    Giveaway Contest:

    • Get 1 raffle ticket for EVERY live session that you attend
    • Prizes will be announced in the Challenge Facebook Group on the final day of the challenge!
    Don't Just Take My Word For It...
    See What Others Have Said...
    “Tracie is light personified and her passion to help others is boundless. I have found the specific guidance I have needed to not only empower and enrich my life but to do so from a place of love and authenticity. I highly recommend Tracie.” - Ally, Consultant, Port Fairy, Australia
    “I have become more confident…I am extremely comfortable and happy…I’m very grateful for everything that you have done for me!” -  Katie, 14 year old, Warrnambool, Australia
    “My daughter has found a new confidence…hasn’t missed any school due to anxiety…and has the tools to deal with situations!” - Mel, Mother of 14 year old Katie, Warrnambool, Australia
    “My daughter has found a new confidence…hasn’t missed any school due to anxiety…and has the tools to deal with situations!” - Mel, Mother of 14 year old Katie, Warrnambool, Australia
    Nathan and Kristi,

    I wish to thank you for sharing the gift of your knowledge, it's already made a magnificent difference in my life in 2019 from where I have been for the last two years of hell.  What I learned from you has released me from challenges that have been far too overwhelming.  I truly and wholeheartedly wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you have given to me in 2019. God bless you both and all that you do!  
    - Keith L.
    Atlanta GA
    Let's Lift One Another Up and THRIVE Together!
    *First Come, First Served*
    * Limited Space on Zoom!
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